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Best Car Lockout Assistance Services and Cost in Lincoln NE
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Car Lockout Assistance Service near Lincoln NE: Are you looking for the Best Car Lockout Assistance Service near Lincoln NE ? Mobile Auto Truck Repair Lincoln, can assist you with our professional car lockout assistance service. We have skilled drivers who are polite, punctual and committed to providing wonderful customer service. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Car Lockout Assistance Service around Lincoln NE . We serve Lincoln NE and other areas.

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Car Lockout Assistance Service near Lincoln NE: Did you lock your keys in the car by accident, and you don’t have a spare key?  Do you need us to get them out for you?

Mobile Auto Truck Repair Lincoln can assist you with our professional car lockout assistance service.

You probably realized two seconds after you locked the car door that your keys were still in the car, and not tucked safely inside your pocket.

Our Mobile Auto Truck Repair Lincoln company are professionals when it comes to unlocking cars and trucks.  We have skilled drivers who are polite, punctual and committed to providing wonderful customer service.

Our emergency roadside help and car lockout service is available in the Mobile Auto Truck Repair Lincoln

Our service is available anytime of the day, night, weekend and on holidays!

Car Lockout Assistance in Lincoln NE

Car Lockout Assistance Service near Lincoln NE: There are two things that happen when you lock yourself out of your car. You feel embarrassed, and then you start to panic. How do you get them back again? The answer is simple. You call Mobile Auto Truck Repair Lincoln and ask for our car lockout assistance service.

Mobile Auto Truck Repair Lincoln provides a full range of quality towing services and roadside assistance services 24/7. Our car lockout assistance service is just one of them, but one we are very proud of.

Our locksmiths and technicians have years of experience in helping people when they are locked out of their vehicles, and will soon have you back inside, with no damage to your vehicle.

No matter what the time or day, or the make and model of your car, we can help if you are locked out of your car.

  • All vehicle key service
  • Broken ignition key or ignition replacement.
  • High security Keys and smart Keys
  • Ignition replacement keys
  • Key cutting
  • Laser Cut Keys
  • Locked door and lock & key problems
  • Open Car door & trunk for lost keys
  • Problems with transponder chip key programming.
  • Unlock car door
  • Unlock door solutions
  • Re-key, lost car keys
  • Remote control Keys
Why Choose Us

Car Lockout Assistance Service near Lincoln NE: With highly skilled and experienced locksmith technicians, The Mobile Auto Truck Repair Lincoln provides one of the best services in Lincoln NE. We respond fast and bring the necessary tools for the job. Whether you’re in an emergency situation, calling after hours or just need a lock installed, we’re there to help.

Our Car Locksmith Services
  • Car Lockout service – Opening cars and other types of vehicles
  • Replace lost car keys
  • Duplicate car keys
  • Broken key extractions – Removal of broken car keys
  • Car door lock replacement
  • Car key programming
  • Ignition/Transponder Keys
  • Locked out of the car? Call our Mobile Auto Truck Repair Lincoln Staff
  • Unlocking auto door locks
  • 24 Hours auto locksmith services, 7 days a week
  • Fast car locksmith emergency services
Best Lincoln NE Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Use the best car assistance company in Lincoln NE.

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    • Professional and Reliable
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Car Lockout in Lincoln NE – Don’t Be Locked Out with Our Services

Car Lockout Assistance Service near Lincoln NE: Every day there are people that manage to lock themselves out of their vehicles. This can happen when you have been shopping and in the process of loading your groceries or packages into your trunk, you misplace the keys. They can end up locked in the trunk, if that is where you put them when loading your items. On other occasions, you could leave the keys in the ignition and while fueling your car at the gas station, your car doors are auto locked. One of the most common reasons people are locked out of their cars, is that they lose their keys and there is either no spare, or it is in an alternative location. Regardless Lincoln NE of the reason that you have been locked out of your car, you need a Car Lockout that you can count on.


How to Deal with Being Locked Out

Car Lockout Assistance Service near Lincoln NE: If you find yourself in a situation, where you have been locked out of your vehicle there is no need to panic. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the convenience of our customers. Upon receiving your call, we will head to your location as quickly as possible to get you back on the road. There is no other Car Lockout service in Lincoln NE that can provide the level of service that our technicians offer.

All of our technicians have the knowledge and the training to know how to handle all types of locks. This includes the training and experience to know how to handle any key problems that may arise or how to handle any problems that arise with car security systems. With the knowledge and experience that our technicians have, our auto roadside assistance will have you back in your car and on the road again in no time.


Are You Concerned about the Security of Our Services?

Our staff is aware that people can make fraudulent calls to our technicians requesting assistance to unlock vehicles not belonging to them. We have a policy set in place that helps us ensure that the person we are assisting is the legal owner of the vehicle. We also take special precautions to prevent damage to your car’s security system and bodywork.


For the car lockouts Lincoln NE residence experience, there is no better roadside assistance company available than us. We know how to handle all of the problems that can leave you locked out of your vehicle. Do not be ashamed to call us for assistance if you find yourself locked out of your vehicle for any reason. We will be there when and where you need us to get you into your locked car so you can continue to your destination. Our priority is always to provide you with the best customer service in the industry at the most competitive prices, in the quickest response time possible. Call us whenever you need us, day or night and we will be there to help.

A Simple Automobile Locksmith Solution at an Affordable Price

Car Lockout Assistance Service near Lincoln NE: The Mobile Auto Truck Repair Lincoln doesn’t want you waiting long. We provide a simple solution for your auto locksmith needs, at an affordable price. We know this is a stressful situation and we want to get you back to normal fast.

Our Mobile Auto Truck Repair Lincoln technicians respond fast with the right tools for the job. We’re available 24/7 to help you, no matter the situation. Call us any time, day or night, for any of the following issues:


  • Car lockout service – Whether you locked your keys in the car, lost them or they were stolen, we can get you into your car without causing damage.
  • Ignition problems – Many of the issues you may be having with your ignition, we can help fix.
  • Car key programming – Our professional technicians can program keys from all makes and models.
  • Car key replacement – We provide key replacement services for all car makes and models.
  • Broken key extractions – If you broke your car key in the lock or ignition, we can help.
  • Car lock and key repair – We repair and replace all types of car locks and keys. If your lock is jammed or you’ve broken your key, call us for fast and efficient service.


Whether you’re in an emergency situation or arrived at the office only to realize you locked your keys in your car, we can help. Call The Mobile Auto Truck Repair Lincoln today. We’re available 24/7 to help with all your car locksmith needs in Lincoln NE.


How Much Does It Cost Car Lockout Assistance?


Car Lockout Assistance Service near Lincoln NE: Car Locksmith services are one thing that everyone hopes they never need, but probably will at one point or another. Whether you lock yourself out of your home, lose your keys, lock your keys in your car, or just want to install some new locks on your front door, a reputable locksmith can help.

The average cost of a locksmith service that includes changing a lock, rekeying the door, repairing the molding and a new deadbolt ranges between $380 – $500.

There are many locksmiths and locksmith services available in most areas. It’s important, however, that you follow certain guidelines, such as those put out by the Federal Trade Commission, to ensure that you find a quality locksmith who won’t take advantage of your situation:

Look for a local company, and make sure that their address matches what’s listed online.

Do a quick internet search with the name of the locksmith and words like complaint or review to find out more about them.

Ask for an estimate of the cost, and confirm that it covers all services you will require. Request that they bring this estimate with them in writing when they arrive.

Make sure that the locksmith has insurance in case they damage your property while working.


Car and House Locksmiths

The majority of locksmiths will offer services for both homes and vehicles. The cost of the locksmith service will depend greatly upon what type of lock you’re trying to open, as well as the property itself; commercial properties are priced differently than residential, as are cars. If your car was made after 2005, you may want to check with the locksmith you call to find out if they have keyless entry services; most cars built after this year can be opened by typing in a code from the VIN number into a lock smiting device.


There are many factors that can affect the cost of your locksmith services. If this is an emergency situation, many locksmiths will charge a flat emergency or call fee of around $30 just to come to your home. Making an appointment ahead of time for things like lock changes may help you avoid this kind of fee.

The type of property you are trying to open, as well as the type of lock, and the type of service you are having done will all impact the final cost of the visit. Most locksmiths offer a wide range of services, including:

Service                                  Average Cost

Labor                                     $50/hour plus service call fees

Lockout                                 $30 to $60

Key duplication                   $4 to $74 depending on the type of key

Rekeying a Cylinder           $5 to $20

Car locks                               $50 to $120

Keys by code                        $10 to $70

Fitting a new key                $35

Padlocks                               $13 to $18

Repair door frame             $125 – $300

Types of Locks

Locksmiths will also sell and install locks on your property in addition to helping you enter your home or vehicle if you’ve been locked out. Charges for this usually include labor costs of $50 per hour, along with the cost of the lock itself, and possibly rekeying or producing additional keys. There are many types of locks that you may want to consider for your home, including:


Cost to Unlock a Car

Car lockout service costs $75 to $150, depending on how far they had to travel. Expect to pay double for after-hours services. For new cars, leases and many insurance companies, you’re probably covered by roadside assistance and won’t have to pay a cent.

Cost to Rekey a Car Door

Rekeying a car door runs $30 to $50 per door. If you need the locksmith to come to you, expect to pay an additional $50 to $100 trip fee. You’ll also need new set up keys that can easily double the price.

Replace Car Door Lock

In most cases, repairing or replacing a standard door lock runs $50 to $200. But if you need to replace the keypad, you might spend an additional $200 to $400.

Rekey a Car Ignition

Rekeying an ignition runs $50 to $150 depending largely on the make of the car. However, many new cars don’t have keyed ignitions, only push-starts. You’ll need to go to your auto mechanic or dealership to have that replaced.

Cost to Make Car Keys

Making a standard car key runs $4 to $10. But if you need a transponder key or one with a chip to keep your car alarm from sounding, you’ll pay anywhere from $75 to $400. In some cases, a locksmith can’t make these keys and you’ll need to order them from the car manufacturer directly.

Programming Key Price

Programming a transponder key runs anywhere from $50 to $200 depending on where you have it done and the make of your car. You might find it cheaper to get a new key from your dealership.


Can I get an extra key made for my car ?     


Yes we make extra keys for people all the time. If your key is a chip transponder key we will have to program the key into your car as well.

Sometimes if you are just needing a second key and your other key is a remote head key you can get a non-remote head key for less money if you want to use it for your second key.


I broke my key off in the ignition can you fix it ?   


Yes that is part of what we do as an auto locksmith you will need to call us and give us the year, make and model of your car for starters to get started.


My remote head key broke apart. What can i do ?           


If you still have all the inside parts we may be able to replace the shell of the key with a new one it will all depend on the condition of the parts.

Or we can just replace the key with a new one


My key is stuck in the ignition. What can you do ?


This is a very common problem. It happens all the time a few different things can make this problem like a worn key or ignition.

We deal with this problem all the time and can come out and fix it for you. Doing what is needed for your car’s ignition or key problem just give us a call.


Can I buy a new key from you and program it for myself ?        


There is a lot more to it than just buying a key for example if you have lost your key to be able to make a new key we need key cuts to be able to cut the key so it works for your car. If your key needs programming nowadays most cars require it to be programmed in with a professional programmer.

If you are buying a key from us and we have to cut the key for you its best to just have us program it in for you as well we can do it faster and make sure it’s done right.


Are you open 7 days a week ?  


Yes we offer services 7 days a week and even after hour emergency calls.


Can you re-key my car to use a different key ?      


Yes we can, this will involve taking out all the door locks and taking out the ignition and opening them up and coding them to a new key and then programming in the new key into the car.

This can be a very time consuming job but we can do it for you. This is also great for a business that wants one key to work for many cars or trucks.


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