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Pre-purchase Inspection Services near Lincoln NE: Are you looking for the Best Mobile Pre-purchase Inspection Services near Lincoln NE ? Mobile Auto Truck Repair Lincoln, We offer a full-service inspection that consists of an interior, exterior, and mechanical evaluation of the vehicle’s current condition at the time of purchase. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Pre-purchase Inspection Service around Lincoln NE. We serve Lincoln NE and other areas. Get a Free Quote Now!



Pre-purchase inspection

Pre-purchase Inspection Services near Lincoln NE: Buying a used vehicle can be an expensive investment. To be sure that you are buying a quality vehicle, it is important that you have the car completely inspected by a Lincoln NE State Certified Inspector. We offer a full-service inspection that consists of an interior, exterior, and mechanical evaluation of the vehicle’s current condition at the time of purchase. You will feel much more confident about your investment after everything checks out OK, or you might be cautious to buy something with a few problems.

There’s no need for you to rely on your luck when you’re purchasing a used car. You need to know the history of the used vehicle before you purchase it. The majority of dealerships around the country offer services such as Carfax reports or other used vehicle service reports, so that they can assist in shining some light on the history of the vehicle. Bear in mind that even though these pre-purchase reports can tell you the history of the vehicle, they cannot tell you for certain whether the vehicle is safe to drive now or not.

It’s of utmost importance for vehicles to have proper preventative maintenance. Bringing your car in for a pre-purchase inspection at Mobile Auto Truck Repair Lincoln gives you an expert’s opinion on its systems and parts, like tires, engine mounts, hoses, belts and other important engine components that can tell the difference between the asking price of the used car or the never-ending investment in car repair bills.

Mobile Auto Truck Repair Lincoln has a longstanding tradition in the auto repair business in the Lincoln NE area, because we employ only ASE certified auto mechanics who provide top-quality repairs and services, without trying to sell you any unnecessary stuff.

We have a team of certified, experienced and trained technicians that are ready to assist you with a pre-purchase inspection on the vehicle you are about to purchase in Lincoln NE. Mobile Auto Truck Repair Lincoln technicians advice is to have a pre-purchase inspection in case you are buying a vehicle with no warranty.

What Is A Pre-purchase Inspection?

Pre-purchase Inspection Services near Lincoln NE: At Lincoln NE. Mobile Auto Truck Repair Lincoln, we do a full 360 inspection of the car. We will thoroughly examine the mechanical, electrical and safety aspects of the vehicle. This includes reviewing the shape of the tires & brakes, inspecting under the hood for any leaks, checking for any potential flood or fire damage, inspecting the suspension and transmission plus much more. We then present you with the issues we find and give you an overall idea of the current condition of the vehicle. This gives you an idea of what will need to be fixed immediately and any future issues that may arise. You can then take the information from your pre-purchase inspection back to the seller and request a price savings for any future work you will need to have done or move on to another vehicle. The process takes roughly a couple hours and can usually be done without an appointment dependent upon availability.

The Benefits Of Our Inspections

  • Save Money on costly repairs and improve negotiations with the seller.
  • Fraud Protection. We check for odometer tampering and hidden issues.
  • Honest Information and unbiased evaluations. Repair Shops may overlook problems to later do repairs. Our only objective is to give you the information you need to make a good decision.
  • Peace Of Mind. Feel confident that you are buying a reliable vehicle.

When you need a safety inspection

All vehicles registered in Lincoln NE must get a safety inspection at a DMV-licensed inspection station

  • every 12 months
  • when the ownership of the vehicle is transferred

A valid inspection sticker must be displayed on your vehicle.  Inspections expire on the last day of the month punched on the inspection sticker.

Safety of the Vehicle

Scheduling a pre-purchase vehicle is the most important step before you buy your vehicle. The safety of the vehicle in question can only be determined from a comprehensive inspection of all its components. The vehicle’s safety conditions are revealed after a careful examination and with the results, you can determine if you are still interested in the purchase or not.

Looking at the color or the body of the vehicle is not enough to determine if it’s a roadworthy car. Under the vehicle’s appealing body are components that determine if the car is sound or not. Once a mobile Lincoln  Pre-purchase vehicle inspector gives you a go ahead, you can have confidence in the value of the vehicle.

Informed Decision

Pre-purchase Inspection Services near Lincoln NE: Once the final report is out, you might find out that the vehicle has many areas of concern. Depending on your stipulation and what bounds you had set for the purchase, you can use the information at hand to bargain for a better price or decide to walk away from the deal altogether. A used vehicle will have maintenance issues and having a pre-purchase inspection makes you aware of future maintenance needed if you choose to purchase the vehicle. with this information, you are able to budget in advance and have your finances balanced. A comprehensive inspection should look into the following components of the vehicle;

  • Computer system readiness monitor check
  • Brakes and tires
  • Electrical system components
  • Radiators and cooling systems
  • Exhaust system
  • Ignition systems
  • Battery and charging system

Consider looking up the pre purchase inspection checklist online and have it printed. If you are mechanically inclined, you can do the simple inspections and leave the complex ones to a professional third-party mechanic.


Pre-purchase Inspection Services near Lincoln NE: When buying a used car, it is important to get it checked out by a mechanic to make sure everything works correctly. Make sure the mechanic checks certain crucial systems, including the engine, brakes, and battery. In addition to these vital components, the mechanic should inspect other parts important to the functioning of a vehicle, such as the dashboard, tires, fluid levels, catalytic converter, and much more.


  • Dashboard

The vehicle dashboard contains a variety of readouts allowing you to interact with your vehicle, including the odometer, speedometer, temperature gauge, and warning lights to let you know when something is wrong with your vehicle. All of the gauges should work properly and you should have no warning lights on the dash. If a warning light is lit up, then the mechanic inspecting your vehicle needs to determine the cause in order to give you an estimate on how much it costs to have the vehicle repaired.


  • Tires and suspension

The mechanic can check the suspension of the vehicle by pushing down on each corner to see what condition the shocks are in. In addition to the suspension, the tires are another important area that the mechanic should check. When looking at the tires, the mechanic assesses the condition they are in and if they exhibit uneven wear, which can signify an alignment problem.


  • Fluids

In order to function properly, a vehicle relies on a selection of fluids to help cool and clean the engine, provide pressure to specific systems, and help keep your windshield clean while driving. When checking the fluids in your vehicle, a mechanic assesses the fluid’s condition, makes sure they are at the proper level, and checks to see if there are any visible leaks.

  • Engine oil. The engine oil helps cool vital engine parts while in operation and removes dirt and debris, which is filtered through the oil filter.
  • Synthetic oils also contain detergents that help prevent the buildup of deposits on engine parts.

Engine oil that looks dark or grainy needs changing. In addition, oil that has brown bubbles or looks like chocolate milk may indicator that coolant is leaking into your engine.

Brake fluid. The mechanic should also check the brake fluid to make sure it is at the proper level, there are no visible leaks, and that it is in good condition.

On newer vehicles, the mechanic will check the brake fluid reservoir, which has minimum and maximum lines embedded in the tank. The brake fluid should sit at a level somewhere in between.

Likewise, the brake fluid should have a brown coloration. If the fluid looks dark, then the brake fluid might need changing.

Coolant. The mechanic will also check coolant level and condition.

Antifreeze breaks down over time. As it ages, it works at less colder temperatures until eventually it does not keep the water in your radiator from freezing when it gets too cold.


The brakes are a very important system on a car, allowing you to slow down or stop the vehicle safely if needed. In addition to the pads, the mechanic needs to make sure the rotors are in good shape.


The engine is another major component that the mechanic should check. The mechanic is testing to see whether the engine idles smoothly and if there is any knocking or other noises while the engine warms up to operating temperature.


Fair and transparent pricing

Pre-purchase Inspection Services near Lincoln NE: Know the cost of your car repair. It’s fast and free.

Over 600,000 car repair estimates provided since 2012. Just fill out the form and get your estimate immediately.

How do we provide our estimates?

Your Mechanic flat-rate pricing is based on the labor time and parts required to fix your car.

Our estimates show the full price breakdown, so there’s never any mystery behind service prices.

Our mechanics are fully mobile, so there’s no brick-and-mortar shop to maintain. That means very low overhead costs. We pass those savings on to you.

Service                                  Estimate                   Savings         Average Dealer Price     

Pre purchase car inspection        $96                 25%                $108.00 – $150.00

Everyone pays the same fair price.

With us, everyone in the community pays the same price. Your gender doesn’t determine the cost of auto repair – we have all heard those stories.

We have built an online price calculator that gives you an instant price. The price depends on the car you drive, service you need and the city you live in.

We give you a flat rate for the job based on the time calculated and parts required (if any). There is no need for negotiations and there will not be any last minute surprises. Our price doesn’t change even if it takes longer to complete the job than estimated.


When are the mechanics available to inspect the car?

The mechanics are available 7 days a week from 7am to 9pm but the availability depends on how busy the mechanics are. You can book an appointment online by selecting your location, car, and the pre-purchase inspection job. The availability of the mechanics will appear after you request a quote.

What does a pre-purchase inspection entail?

The mechanic performs a standard 150-point inspection that includes a visual inspection of the fluids, body, brakes, cooling system, suspension, HVAC, tires, and overall external appearance. The mechanic will also take photos of the exterior and interior. You can see a sample report here. The mechanic may scan the car’s various computers for trouble codes and test drive the vehicle if it’s safe and operational and if permission from the owner has been given. If the mechanic inspecting the car is not given permission to test drive the car or it is unsafe to test drive the car, the inspection will be completed without the road test portion.

Does the mechanic put the car on a lift?

For your convenience, our mechanics go to the car owner’s location to inspect the car. They do not put the car on a lift but may use floor jacks to raise up parts of the car as needed. For example, the rear of the car may be jacked up a few inches off the ground in order for the mechanic to inspect the wheels and tires

Does the mechanic use any diagnostic equipment?

Diagnostic equipment is not typically used in a pre-purchase inspection. Tools used in the pre-purchase inspections are those needed to check the fluids, brakes, tires, batteries, and other parts of the vehicle. An OBD II scanner may be used to record any trouble codes that may exist. One important part of the inspection is the mechanic’s years of experience working on cars and providing their expert feedback on the condition of the car.

How do I pay for a pre-purchase inspection service?

Booking a pre-purchase inspection is the same as booking any other appointment through Your Mechanic. We require a credit card to book an inspection, but we will only process the payment after the work is done. If you need to change the credit card number, you can give the mechanic a different card. At this time, we do not accept checks, cash, or PayPal.

How long does it take to complete a pre-purchase inspection?

On average, a pre-purchase inspection takes a little more than an hour for a mechanic to complete.

Will the mechanic perform a compression test?

Our mechanics do not include a compression test as part of the pre-purchase inspection. Conducting a compression test involves removing the spark plug and there is the potential for other issues to arise when parts are removed.


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